Start: Sunday, April 8, 2018 At: 02:00 PM
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2018 United Faiths Walk of Peace
Start: October 16, 2016 At: 02:00PM
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October 16, 2016 · Join us on Sunday 23rd for the peace walk
Start: 03/28/2015 At: 12:00PM
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community picnic
Start: 11/2014 At: 08:00PM
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The session has started, it was announced to be couple of weeks after Ramadan and announced again. It is important to attend from the beginning, the first days registration information and introduction to the basics. You don't want to miss the first lessons, it is for everyone who wants to read Quran properly and teach it to their kids. This is the second chance after the passed 'Nuraniya training in Tampa'. Registration will close as we move forward in the lessons. lease come regularly and early. Jazakom Allah Khir