Masjid Al Salaam Prayer Schedule
Masjid Alsalam PRAYER SERVICES The following prayers are held in congregation at ISNP. Brothers pray in the main floor and sisters pray in the second area where the prayer can be heard via speakers. Five Daily Prayers The five daily prayers are led by an Imam every day. Jummah (Friday) Prayers The Friday Khutba (sermon) begins at 1:30pm all year round. Eid Prayers Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha prayers are held at 8:00am. Tahajjud Prayer Tahajjud prayer is prayed in congregation every Ramadan, Tahajjud is prayed in congregation at varying times starting the night of the 21th until the end of Ramadan. Taraweeh Prayers Taraweeh prayers are prayed for the entire month of Ramadan immediately after 'Isha prayer. Taraweeh prayers are led by Imam or a guest Imam and 08 rakat are prayed.