Join us tonight 4/12/2021 for the 1st Taraweeh prayer!

Join us tonight in the Masjid for the 1st Taraweeh prayer of this Blessed Month of Ramadan.

Prayer starts at 9pm tonight. 

The Masjid Board has worked hard to make sure we can keep those coming to prayer safe during the Covid pandemic. Therefore, some rules have been established so that we can all stay safe. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the rules listed below.

1) Wear a mask at all times. Your mask must always cover your nose and mouth completely

2) Your temperature will be taken at the door. Anyone with even a slight fever will be asked to go home and return another day when they are feeling better. 

3) Bring your own prayer rug. You cannot pray without a personal rug. 

4) Keep a distance of 6 feet from other people praying. We have placed stickers in the prayer halls to mark the correct distance. 

5) Do NOT come if you are feeling sick or have been around someone who has tested positive for Covid. 

6) DO NOT COME if you have tested positive for Covid yourself. 

7) Refrain from hugging, shaking hands, and greeting others in the Masjid. 


Let's help keep our Muslim brothers and sisters (and their families at home) safe and healthy this Ramadan. 


Ramadan Mubarak!