Upcoming Ramadan Events

Asslmo Alykom W Rahmat Allah-


Alhamdillah, the Holy Month of Ramadan is almost here. This is the schedule of events that is happening at the Masjid and virtually for this Blessed Month. We hope you and your family can join us:


◇ Iftar Drive thru- 7pm daily

-daily iftar offered at  Masjid Al-Salaam

◇ Quran trivia- 4pm daily

-daily Islamic  trivia questions (one for youth, one for children)

-zoom id  6840199436

-password- uroobisfun

-prizes offered to winners!

◇ Sunday school- Sundays 11am

-Sr. Jamila class

◇ Story time/ Arts and crafts- Saturdays 1pm

-fun session for children

-zoom Id 81641873660

-password- Ramadan

◇ Faith in Action- Thursdays 8:45pm

-kids learn about faith in action through stories and discussion

-zoom link-

◇ Kids tafseer class- Fridays 5pm

-discussion about blessings of surahs/verses in the Quran

-easy for kids to understand

-zoom id 88331958918

-password- Ramadan

◇ Youth Leadership program- Sundays 1pm

- "Children today, Islamic Leaders tomorrow"

-discussion about various topics

-encourage teens to be active community leaders

-zoom id  89427229836

-password- Ramadan

◇ Bake Sale- Fri Apr 23rd 3pm

-volunteers bake food to raise money for masjid

-savory and sweet items

-If you would like to donate your dessert items, please reach out to us no later than April 16. 

Pre Eid Bazar- TBA

-vendors sell items before Eid

-clothes, jewellery, décor, hijabs, perfume, etc

Laylatul Qadr Program- TBA

-special guest speaker

-fundraiser for masjid

-kid painting auction