AmazonSmile now supports Masjid Al-Salaam

Masjid Al-Salaam joins AmazonSmile

What is AmazonSmile?

When you shop on Amazon, 100% of the cost of your items goes to Amazon. When you use AmazonSmile and add Islamic Society of North Pinellas as your charity of choice, 0.5% of the amount spent on eligible items goes as a donation to our Masjid. Just by shopping normally, you can help support the Masjid.

Are prices raised when I participate?

No! Prices are exactly the same whether you participate or not. It will not cost you anything extra, but rather Amazon will direct part of the sale price to the Masjid. So shop and support our Masjid.

So, how can I sign up?

Follow the step by step directions the first time, and then the Islamic Society of North Pinellas should show up on your account automatically after that. Remember after signing up, that purchases need to be made through (not going to only). So bookmark the link to make it easier. After successfully signing up, you’ll see eligible items with this: Eligible for donation.


Steps (must be done through computer browser and NOT via app, you can use your phone's internet browser):

1) Go to

2) Click the button that says Get Started

3) Sign into your Amazon account with your username and then password.

4) Then choose the charity by entering Islamic Society of North Pinellas in the search box and clicking "Search".

5) Islamic Society of North Pinellas should pop up like this. Click the "Select" button next it.