Masjid Al-Salam partners with MUHSEN!

Mashallah, we are so proud of our Masjid for partnering with a wonderful organization like MUHSEN (Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs). MUHSEN is a national non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing programs and services that bridge the gap between Muslims with special needs and their local masjids. They use an umbrella approach to make sure that the masjid is accessible to anyone of any age with any disability.

Silver Certification Seal

We are so happy to be working on getting our silver certification with MUHSEN. This requires many steps so that our Masjid can proudly proclaim to be accessible to those with disabilties. However, we are in need of the community's help. One step that you can help with is completing a survey that is designed to see what the needs are. Just as each disbility is unique, so is the experiences of those with that disability and their families. We want to make sure every unique need is being met by Masjid Al-Salam. 


Masjid Al-Salam understands that disabilities look different for each person and each family. This is why we are asking our community members to fill out the following survey. This information would allow us to know the requirements of any individual with special needs and their families. If this is you or your family, please click the link to fill out the MUHSEN Special Needs Assessment Survey. If you know of a family in the community who has an individual with special needs, please forward the link to them as well. All responses are confidental and are only seen by the MUHSEN team. 



If you'd like to learn more about MUHSEN and the services they offer, you can visit


If you have any questions contact:

Sister Hend Elhady-

Sister Riffat Merchant--

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