Join Masjid Al-Salam during the Holy

Join Masjid Al-Salam during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Join Masjid Al-Salam during the Holy Month of Ramadan and help the community while gaining hasana (good deeds) during this special month. Ways to keep the spirit of Ramadan during this trying time of social distancing are outlined in  our first ever newsletter. We hope that you are able to join in on the many activities our Masjid is doing for the sake of Allah SWT and for the sake of our Muslim Ummah.

Ramadan Food Baskets

Jazakoon Allah Kheir to our sisters who have come together with the  idea of a Ramadan Food Basket. Last week, the first batch were handed out to needy Muslim families in our area. Each Sunday, a week’s worth of food is given to each family to help during this Blessed Month. Please help by donating to this wonderful cause contact Sister Hend at 727-520-6866 or Sister Riffat 813-992-8554. If your family is experiencing hardship please also contact Sister Hend or Sister Riffat.

Hot Iftar plates in collaboration with Masjid in New Port

Richey Our own Imam Muhammad Yahya joined up with Imam Ahmed Aly at the Masjid in New Port Richey to make sure that local Muslims had hot Iftar meals. These meals will be handed out each Wednesday and Saturday in a drive thru fashion from 6:30-8pm at 4715 Grand Blvd, New Port Richey. Our masjid will host on Sundays (also between 6:30-8pm). Please join the collaborative efforts of both our Masjids. If you would like to donate to the hot Iftar please contact Imam Muhammad Yahya at 727-275-3103.

Last 10 days Event Night

Our own sister Uroob has organized the Sunday School Youth group via Zoom platform on each of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. She has invited everyone to join for a chance to win prizes, engage with others, as well as help our Muslim community during this Blessed Month. Events include family game night, painting auction, and talent show.

Donations Needed

Donate to the Masjid, even if you cannot physically be there. Use the website to donate online . Our masjid still needs your help to fulfil financial obligations to keep our doors always open.

Donations for this 10 day long event are appreciated.

Donate at More information coming soon!