Masjid participation in the interfaith event was successful Alhamdulillah, by grace of Allah

Our masjid took part in a roundtable interfaith event last Friday, July 18th. Sheikh Youssef Soussi was among the panelists representing Muslim faith. Alhamdulillah,  by the grace of Allah, we left a very good impact on the audience. May Allah bless our masjid and bless you all. Find below part of the e-mail that sister hind received from the organizer. 

Dear Hend,

Thank you so much for coming to the event today.  Please forward my deep appreciation to the Sheikh for his contribution to the event.  He is a fantastic speaker and opened my eyes wider to the Muslim faith.


Masjid Alsalam and its community deeply thanks to the brother Alawai head of the board, sister Hind who was in charge, and sheik Youcef Soussi who was a great speaker and representative to Muslims and Masjid Alsalam in this event.

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